Viio grabs €1 million pre-seed investment


Michael Fornander


September 15, 2023

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We are truly excited to announce a new round of funding, led by an amazing group of seasoned investors with decades of experience in scaling technology companies.

Ole Andersen is an experienced angel investor and former board member of Actimo, which was sold to Kahoot in September 2020. Ole will be leading the round along with Michael Houghton Larsen, who is an experienced business angel and former co-founder of Sirius IT (sold to Visma), and Stig Kjerulf – a long-time business psychologist whom we will trust to support the team development as we scale.

In addition, Frederik Hannibal– former CTO in Actimo, PreSeed Ventures, investor in successful Danish startups such as Vivino and Trustpilot, and Vaekstfonden have also invested in the round.

Having secured this funding milestone, we will increase our investments in R&D and will continue with our market expansion (we are hiring!). We will also be able to make our subscriptions management technology available to a much broader audience thanks to our recent launch of Viio Free Suscriptions Management Package.

We hope the launch of Viio free plan will serve as a helping hand, to all those IT or finance managers who are right now struggling to optimise their SaaS spend management, by providing them full visibility into the entire SaaS spend and usage in their organisations.

Viio SaaS Subscriptions Management – Unleash the power of SaaS!

At some companies you can feel the momentum building. People are executing fast, enabled by modern software tools seamlessly integrated into a fully automated tech stack guided by processes that scale. In companies like that, innovation thrives and work can quickly become addictive.

At others, it feels hardly possible to get things done. No one has the full overview of all  software tools being used, the running costs and the data being exposed. People lose sight of the operational process and at some point everyone starts pulling in different direction – or stops pulling at all.

We started because we believe employees should have easy access to all the SaaS tools they love and need, but at the same time IT management should have peace of mind and seamless visibility into the company-wide technology cost, utilisation and compliance risks.

Today, our cloud-based SaaS Subscriptions Management platform Viio helps companies streamline their technology operations, boost productivity, increase employee engagement and enable any company in any industry to succeed as a SaaS-powered workplace.

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