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Michael Fornander


September 15, 2023

Talentful is a company that helps tech businesses with one of the greatest growth-challenges: recruitment. Along with their experienced in-house talent acquisition teams, they provide flexible and scalable recruitment via a monthly subscription model 📈

We are really excited to welcome Talentful as one of our new customers 👏 We sat down with N’yahh Crooks, the IT manager at Talentful, to talk about the biggest labor trends post-covid.  

“One of the greatest challenges - both personally and professionally - working in the field of IT, is definitely on- and offboarding, especially since we’ve started to work more and more from home. Given the last 2 years, it’s the new norm - which I think is great! But as the IT manager, it puts more pressure on me to support these users in the best possible way remotely. There is also all the practicalities, delivering laptops and the tools we use at our workplace, licensing etc.

I always place a big emphasis on creating the best basis to enable people’s full potential, but all the tech and utilities need to stay updated. Before we used to work with SaaS tools onsite, but now we have a cloud-first approach for every tool we use. It’s also the best approach when you're growing and scaling a company. For me, it’s been a smooth transition, especially when onboarding new employees or internal moves from one department to another, the tools they use and what is cloud-based. With the cloud approach, it has all gone quite smoothly.

Using Viio, I hope to achieve a full overview of cost per user and departments, so I know from day 1 how much a fully onboarded user costs depending on their department. Once they are up and running in, I’ll also be able to track their usage of paid tools, to see if they are useful or not. Hopefully this will give me a better understanding of the actual stack used by departments, both on a weekly and monthly basis”.

With Viio you are able to get full license-management of all your SaaS tools, making on- and offboarding easier and automated. Request a demo now!

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