Optimise your spend, across all your SaaS, AI & cloud vendors

Viio gives you the full visibility to control and optimise costs across all your software vendors. It’s an intelligent spend management platform, combined with expert services, that provide swift and attractive returns — we guarantee it.

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Every cent of savings counts

Intelligently optimise your software & cloud spend, negotiate with confidence and maximise ROI


Annual savings

Drive down your software cost consistently without friction.


Average ROI

Your savings are guaranteed. Estimate how much money your business could save.

90 days

Average payback period

We protect your cash and will provide financial returns within 3 months.

How it works

Intelligent Spend Optimisation as a Service

Unlock the maximum ROI of your software & cloud stack — with Viio's intelligent Spend Optimisation Platform and our team of specialists who help get the job done. Your outcome is guarantee and the risk is on us.

A solution for all teams

Software spend optimisation is a team sport

Learn how we add value to all teams involved throughout the entire vendor lifecycle.


Optimise your SaaS and cloud spending. Easily identify and act on saving opportunities to maximise ROI for all your software and cloud investments.


Negotiate with confidence – or better yet, let us do the work. Leverage real-time data in your SaaS and cloud negotiations, or go one step further, and let our procurement experts handle it end-to-end.


Unlock 360º visibility of vendors, contracts and usage. Get a centralised view of all your SaaS and cloud vendors, contracts and usage data, which was previously scattered across departments.

Redefining how businesses plan, manage and optimize their software investments

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