The solution for all teams

We believe SaaS Management is a team sport. Start connecting the dots, remove data silos and foster strategic thinking between departments. Learn how we add value to all teams involved in the SaaS buying and management process.

For departments heads

Refocus your time - from SaaS license management to taking strategic decisions for your department. Free up time for what matters. Stop wasting time in SaaS management.

SaaS is meant to save time, not eat time.
Put an end to the time you invest buying SaaS.

Being a manager means being the driving force behind the company success. Stop chasing SaaS and free up time for the decisions that matter.

Free up time

Manage your SaaS licenses at a fraction of the time usually taken. No more chasing SaaS stakeholders.

Rely on it done well

Your SaaS license is always purchased at a fair price, with all approvals and negotiations handled by Viio.

Stay productive

Have all notifications and approvals automatically managed for you. No distractions.

Have Viio take care of your SaaS and boost the productivity of your entire department.

Finding and taking advantage of the best SaaS tools is an enabler for the continuous productivity of your team. Tap into a wealth of insights on the best tools for your business needs, get support with evaluating them and selecting the ones that fit you most.

  • Find out what SaaS software is purchased by companies similar to yours
  • Get reporting on what’s hot and why
  • Access insights about SaaS suppliers to use as a basis for negotiations

Get that SaaS fast

Take advantage of market insights to ensure an efficient SaaS selection and evaluation process. Have all approvals automatically handled and hand over the SaaS to your team. Fast.

  • Have all new SaaS purchase requests submitted via the Viio platform
  • Ensure a smooth and efficient process by having it well-documented and easy to follow by all stakeholders
  • Let the platform take care about approval notifications and giving instant visibility on the deal progress

Focus on doing your job

Distractions pave the road to poor performance and missed deadlines. Make sure you focus on what you can do best.

  • Identify the SaaS your team needs to stay productive, and let Viio do the rest
  • Secure a fair price with no lengthy negotiations
  • Get proactively notified about upcoming SaaS renewals and take respective actions

For IT security professionals

Buying SaaS fast does not need to compromise security
Cut down on SaaS purchasing time and stay secure and compliant with every new SaaS purchase

SaaS is meant to save time, not eat time.
Put an end to shadow SaaS purchases not meeting security policies

SaaS licences get purchased by employees because it’s fast. With a SaaS purchasing platform like Viio, you get a short SaaS purchasing cycle while meeting all compliance and security requirements.

Instantly spot risks

Help with setting up the right purchasing process and instantly spot security threats and risks

Free up time

Invest the time spent managing or purchasing SaaS licenses into IT security and strategy

Monitor and control

Monitor the app access across the organization and have an audit log handy at any time.

A single platform for all your SaaS. An organization that is fully secure and compliant.

Having a single, centralized place for all your SaaS-related documentation is an enabler for faster compliance processes and minimum potential risks.

  • Keep a record of all purchasing and licensing decisions
  • Attach all contracts to the respective SaaS deals, for easier referencing
  • Have full visibility on current SaaS spend, at any given moment

Being proactive with security translates into minimized risks

Security issues with SaaS tools happen when actions are taken in a hasty, re-active manner. Adopting a proactive approach to SaaS management ensures security and predictability.

  • Put an end to surprise license renewals and only renew or upgrade licenses following a well-defined SaaS management process
  • Take advantage of automatic notifications to get all SaaS stakeholders alerted on the actions they need to take
  • Save the endless hours spent tracking compliance issues

Compliance done fast and efficient

A well-structured, easy to understand and easy to follow SaaS purchasing process gives no reason for cornering it.

  • Have us at Viio help you build your purchasing process - from start to end
  • Automate any notifications to stakeholders involved in the different parts of the process
  • Ensure visibility on the deal status, for everyone involved

For finance professionals

Stay productive while cutting down on your SaaS spend
Get full visibility on your software stack and optimize your SaaS costs while retaining your team’s productivity and flexibility

Set up your SaaS purchasing process and get the best cost for your SaaS tools

SaaS subscriptions can add up a lot to your budget. But, SaaS are indispensable for the growth of any organization, big or small. Streamline your SaaS processes and control your SaaS costs while staying compliant and secure.

Use a process to handle SaaS from start to end

Set up your SaaS purchasing process to handle the full set of SaaS activities - from a new license request to renewals and reporting.

Have one platform to manage it all

Your entire SaaS purchasing workflow is managed from a single point. Get the visibility you need while minimizing your SaaS spend.

Base your SaaS spend on data

Your SaaS purchasing decisions can now be based on data from numerous transactions, no matter the SaaS tool you need.

Time to put a major budget spend item under control!

Optimize your SaaS spend

Forget the hours spent researching SaaS apps and negotiating for a good quote. Get a partner who knows how to buy software.

  • Let your team do what they do best
  • Get empowered to take the best SaaS decisions by using data and buying experts we can provide
  • Be awarded with a guaranteed return on investment, right from year one

Get your optimal return on investment

SaaS spend is a major item in your budget. But you can ensure you are taking advantage of it in full!

  • Uncover the full SaaS inventory used across your organization
  • Cut excessive SaaS spend by getting rid of duplicate or unneeded tools
  • Get our support to optimize your SaaS spend even more

Put your SaaS in order

Have all your negotiation documentation, contracts, security or other documents in a single place, and save time finding the information you need.

  • Have the entire log of documentation, per supplier and SaaS purchased, a click away
  • Put an end to unexpected license renewals
  • Stop tracing your stakeholders, invest your time in work that matters

For IT professionals

A single platform to monitor and report on all your SaaS spend
Full visibility on your SaaS stack and flexible management of your SaaS purchasing process - now a single click away.

Forget the spreadsheets. Manage your SaaS with a platform that does your mundane IT tasks for you.

No more manual tracing of SaaS purchases. Get all SaaS in the organization purchased at the best price, automatically tracked and accounted for.

Ensure compliance

Get full visibility on your entire SaaS purchasing process and be confident about staying compliant, at any time throughout the tool lifecycle

Have a process set up

Come up with a SaaS purchasing process and stick to it. Ensure efficiency and minimum time spent for all your SaaS buying stakeholders.

Leverage data

Be confident about getting the best pricing and negotiations for your tools based on data available in the platform.

Let us take over any SaaS negotiations for you. Focus on what you are good at.

Take advantage of automation.

Stop getting overwhelmed with spreadsheet updates. Let automation do the routine SaaS work for you.

  • Full visibility on your organization’s SaaS expense
  • No more unexpected renewals, shadow IT or unneeded upgrades
  • One centralized place for all your contract and negotiation documentation

Increase the positive impact of IT

Achieve SaaS efficiency throughout the entire organization

  • Efficiently handle upcoming renewals well ahead of the renewal date
  • Identify opportunities for savings from duplicating functionalities
  • Take decisions based on data and reporting tailored to your needs

Ensure your organization stays compliant

With manually done processes, you are always running the risk of human error. When automation steps in, you get a smooth, fast and policy-compliant SaaS purchasing process 

  • New SaaS purchase requests are placed and handled with ease
  • Automated notifications speed up the SaaS buying process
  • All stakeholders get the visibility and progress updates they need

For procurement professionals

Reliable SaaS procurement at a fair costEnsure that your SaaS procurement process enables savings on software costs, improved purchase timelines and smooth experience for all stakeholders.

Let our platform take over your mundane IT tasks

Have all your SaaS purchases automatically tracked and reported on. Free up IT time and let them focus on strategic tasks, without expanding the team.

Uncover all your SaaS

Leverage automation and integrations to get all SaaS purchases automatically tracked in your SaaS management platform

Set up a process

Come up with a process that ensures your entire SaaS purchasing process, from start to end, is tracked, compliant and cost-efficient

Base your spend on data

Use transaction and provider data available to you, and base your SaaS negotiations and deals on information rather than assumptions

Empower your procurement with a toolset for a smooth and cost-efficient SaaS purchasing process

Optimise your SaaS costs

Take advantage of market insights and benchmarking and have a solid base for your SaaS negotiations. 

  • Use supplier data and negotiation tips to ensure the best SaaS purchasing outcome
  • Get support from professional buyers and improve your SaaS purchasing efficiency, at a fraction of the usual time spent for purchasing negotiations
  • Initiate the SaaS renewal process well ahead of the renewal date thanks to the automated management of your tools

Get rid of the mundane tasks eating your time

Let machines take over the repetitive, mundane work. Free up your time for the strategic tasks and decisions that have a major impact for the company.

  • Put an end to manual workflow management, email followups and training staff
  • Use a process to automatically cater for purchase request tasks
  • Save time and efforts doing negotiations that have little savings potential

Ensure a smooth experience for all your SaaS stakeholders

Deliver an efficient and fast SaaS purchasing process to everyone involved in getting company SaaS tools, and see shadow IT disappearing.

  • Complete the SaaS discovery phase, obtaining the full information from all stakeholders
  • Ensure you get familiar with the business needs and approvals that stand behind every SaaS purchasing decision
  • Remove unneeded approval bottlenecks

For Sales professionals

More sales. Closed faster.
Get continuous visibility on your SaaS buyers, their SaaS purchasing processes and buying preferences. Ensure fast and efficient negotiations.

Have visibility on the status of every deal. Get a fast sign off and proceed with the next one.

Viio stands between the SaaS buyer and SaaS vendor, ensuring everyone’s requirements are clear and a deal is closed, to the best of interest of both parties, in a fast and efficient manner.

More deals

Shorter sales cycles translate into more deals closed.

Loyal customers

When deals get closed in a fast and efficient manner, customers return for more.

Increased productivity

Stay informed about the progress of your deals and act accordingly.

Get SaaS buyers with clear requirements on the tools they need

Same process is followed regardless of the stakeholder

New SaaS buying people joining a company can wreak havoc in SaaS purchases and renewals. Viio ensures that the same SaaS purchasing process is followed, regardless of the stakeholder.

Deals get closed fast

Viio ensures that SaaS customers have the full set of requirements, approvals and budget defined as part of their SaaS purchasing process. Hence, a purchase deal can move through the pipeline in a smooth and efficient manner.

Bridging the gap between buyer and seller

Viio ensures that both the selling and buying party are speaking the same language, and guarantees that each sale is a win-win for everyone involved.