The Viio Platform

Unlock the maximum potential of your SaaS stack — with Viio's unified SaaS Management & Procurement Platform.

Discover — Your system of record for SaaS

Say goodbye to Shadow IT and SaaS sprawl. With Viio, you can detect and discover every SaaS tool in your company, in real-time. Our comprehensive discovery engine automatically scans integrations, logs, browser extensions and more, for complete visibility into apps, licenses, usage and costs.

Manage — Maximize your SaaS ROI

Simplify your SaaS management with a unified HQ for all things SaaS. Optimize costs and reduce wasted licenses or abandoned apps with actionable insights, usage and spend reports. Drive employee involvement through targeted feedback surveys. Put your portfolio on auto-pilot with renewal reminders and automated workflows.

Procure — A procurement expert in your corner

SaaS procurement, on auto pilot. Manage your procurement cases in one central place — from intake-to-procure. Get direct access to our team of seasoned procurement experts and let them handle your renewal negotiations or net new purchases end-to-end, so you spend time on more strategic initiatives.

Redefining how businesses plan, manage and optimize their software investments

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