How GoodHabitz handles SaaS management challenges with Viio


Michael Fornander


September 15, 2023

In 2021, SaaS tools are essential to every IT professional. That’s why we’ve asked some of them to share a few best practices, advice and insights from their everyday life in the IT field 💻

Meet Lita van Wel. She is the IT-Support manager at GoodHabitz, an online B2B learning platform where you can upgrade your skills ranging everywhere from sales courses to lessons about health, safety and wellbeing.

“Right now I’m working a lot with changes within GoodHabitz. As a manager, I report directly to the board. I specifically report to them every other week, getting them up to speed about every project that I’m involved in - which is quite a lot!

The IT-Support team works closely with most other departments within GoodHabitz, especially those teams that build and populate our learning platform. Every new change needs to be tested and examined to see if it has any consequences for our customers. A huge part of my job consists of keeping track of every IT related issue while having a clear overview of the applications landscape. That’s why implementing Viio is a logical choice for us.

Currently we use around 120 SaaS tools - or at least that’s the ones we know about. It’s like the wild west out there! As a rapidly growing company, the number of new tools grows accordingly. For us it’s really essential to centralise and streamline everything. I’m really excited to see what we’ll discover with Viio. I hope we’ll learn a lot about every employee's application-usage - not to pin it on anyone and be like “Why aren’t you using this or that” - but to actually know more about the solutions available”.

We are really excited to have Goodhabitz onboard the Viio-track and hope that we can help Lita to access a greater overview of every SaaS tools used, so she can excel at her job every day🚂

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