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Michael Fornander


September 15, 2023

With the launch of our new SaaS Procurement Service, IT and finance teams can now finally enjoy a unified SaaS buying and management process that scales efficiently.

SaaS buying and management is a $700 billion problem and enterprises are struggling to streamline SaaS spend, reduce license waste and manage renewals.

It's always been our mission to help modern IT and finance teams to streamline their SaaS Management through automation and we are now ready to take a broader view by adding automation and services around SaaS procurement, negotiation and purchasing.

By unifying SaaS buying and SaaS management enterprises can save up to 35% on their IT spend, while freeing teams from spending hours on the phone, in chats, or back and forth in emails threads negotiating with SaaS vendors. Our platform automation and specialized procurement teams are doing all the heavy lifting and we provide our service with a money-back guarantee.

At Viio we believe running a lean software budget is more important than ever, so reach out if you would like to learn more about our services and start saving on SaaS today.

One process, one platform, one view.

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