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Are you still trying to figure out what apps your employees use, how many paid licenses you have and what value the app brings by using internal surveys or excel spreadsheets that are never up to date?

We want to change this – and here is how.

Our unique AI algorithm SIGMA (SaaS Interaction Graph Mapping Algorithm) takes SaaS Management to the next level combining employee usage with multiple spend sources, uncovering your SaaS stack (yes, no more spreadsheets).

SIGMA is a ground-breaking AI-powered method for mapping all employee SaaS interactions across your organisation and mapping it with financial data. SIGMA intelligently sort out and consolidates data points into insightful dashboards and suggests optimisation opportunities you can act on.

SIGMA enables you to uncover key interactions between your employees and apps used in their everyday work. Utilisation and new sign ups helps you gain insights into actual usage patterns, where data from invoices and purchase orders helps to identify the actual billing owners. Change of subscription terms together with subscription termination helps you keep track of your SaaS Subscriptions stack at any time helping you to excel at SaaS Subscriptions Management and find the right path forward.

Uncover your SaaS stack

SaaS Management usually boils down to spend optimisation which leaves free tools neglected. However, freemium SaaS Vendors and free trials can be a great indicator of future SaaS spend, which if identified in time could prevent the ‘disease’ even before ‘symptoms’ are found. SIGMA by Viio provides extensive Saas insights, allowing you to take control of your SaaS usage before it starts taking control over your budget.

Where many SaaS Management solutions are focused on paid apps only,  the full story. Data shows that approximately half of the apps used in an organisation is free – but still needs to be managed.

All apps – Apps identified across all employees over time

Used app – All apps that employees are using today

Paid apps – Apps that you are paying for

Staying on top – Day in, day out

An average organisation uses more than 150 SaaS tools on a regular basis. Combined with a high churn in both tools and employees, it becomes impossible to stay on top of which tools are used to solve which problems. Even budgets are shifting from IT to local departments and decisions are more and more decentralised.

As such, it is ever more important to be able to easily identify which tools are being used, which new tools are being purchased and which subscriptions can be terminated. Visibility like that can get cumbersome with decentralised decision power and dispersed ownership leading to you ending up with a lot of missing pieces from your SaaS Management puzzle.

With SIGMA you are just one dashboard away from getting employees usage insights combined with details spend channels data across your entire SaaS stack – not just the top 10 vendors.

Get serious about billing ownership

Many companies struggle with lack of control on billing having often more than 10 different billing owners, leaving it difficult to understand who is in charge and who can decide on budgets etc. Increased visibility into who interacts how with SaaS vendors will help you avoid distribution of billing ownership and reduce spend on underused apps.

Whether you drive a centralised ownership, team based or even employee-led ownership, visibility is still key. Get on top of all paid SaaS vendors, create a clear ownership strategy and manage your subscription terms wisely.

SIGMA by Viio enables you to detect who receive invoices, initiate new purchases and manage subscription terms across your organisation.

Make renewal decisions easier

Renewal strategies require increased attention to details, and you can get overwhelmed if you don’t have reliable data on hand to help you. Before you can manage anything, you first need to get an overview of what it is there to manage, thus it is vital to keep track of all Vendors across all departments, which we at Viio have for you in a single place. Understanding software usage across the business will help you determine whether licenses you have now are sufficient for what your employees need. Having the data helping you makes it really easy to optimise current subscription terms and reduce unnecessary cost.

Detect Shadow-IT

The speed at which we purchase SaaS subscriptions or start free trials makes it tempting to sidestep company policy. And every new product purchased has at least some access to your company data, which you certainly want to be aware of. Besides security reasons, double tooling is also an issue for many companies. Departments are now becoming more self-sufficient managing their own tech stack which can end up with having multiple Vendors across organisation which are doing the same thing. With the data across entire organisation you can create collaborative review of purchased software and identify functional overlaps if any.

SIGMA by Viio

Facebook introduced the Social Graph, we all know GraphQL and in the SaaS management space, Blissfully are talking about a SaaS Graph. All names for mapping the connection between objects in a multidimensionel area. We believe that finding companies vendors and adding data points like invoice, payments, start date, renewal date, price-model etc. is a simple two-dimensional grid.

When we start adding people into the mix it quickly becomes multidimensional and much more valuable. In an ever-changing world, this is hard to do – and this is why we’ve designed SIGMA.

SIGMA by Viio delivers the multidimensional view on SaaS Subscriptions Management, including the most important asset in most organisations; your employees.

SIGMA by Viio will enable you to understand which software is used by your employees, discover new sign-ups for any SaaS vendor and help inform your SaaS management decisions. It offers you multidimensional insights and help create your own art of it.

Make sure you give SIGMA by Viio a try. It is included in our free subscription and easy to set up in minutes. Sign up here.

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