Ensuring cloud software security and innovation via SaaS for SaaS


Michael Fornander


September 15, 2023

In the times of a true boost of the SaaS-based software model, each of us has certainly signed up for at least a few SaaS-based apps for personal needs. On a family level, those apps are not that many, and still, each of us has been faced with ‘surprise’ renewals at least several times. And few of us are completely aware of the usage of each subscription we are paying for.

Now, translate this to the organization environment, where hundreds of employees are using SaaS apps on a daily basis, new employees get onboarded, others are leaving, new SaaS apps are getting signed up and others abandoned, on a daily basis. And you can imagine the scope of the cloud software challenges CIOs and CFOs are facing nowadays.

Balancing enterprise security and innovation in a SaaS environment

Luckily, you can use a SaaS for SaaS platform like Viio to meet the cloud software challenges in your organization. Considering that the average organization has to deal with several SaaS renewals every business day, such a platform helps CIOs and CFOs to enforce security and governance, without affecting the productivity and innovation of employees.

Offering the appropriate IT tools without compromising security

The goal of both IT and Finance departments is to encourage the increased productivity and innovation of employees, while ensuring a secure SaaS environment, with no threats for data breaches, personal data exposure, etc. But this is easier said than done - with the speed of SaaS adoption and IT teams that do not expand proportionally to the amount of IT tasks, IT is unable to handle the increased SaaS purchase review and approval, as well as SaaS renewal tasks. How to achieve a balance between SaaS flexibility and security/compliance then?

A successful approach would be to encourage the employees to discuss openly with ITs the need for specific SaaS tools and the problems they are trying to solve with them. Rather than secretly purchasing SaaS and thus increasing shadow IT, users can collaborate with IT on identifying the right set of SaaS tools the organization needs to use. Then, ITs can work as a central point of governance, evaluating the true need behind a new SaaS, the possibility to use a similar, duplicate-functionality app instead and if the new app is approved - ensure its adoption is done in a secure way.

The need to use SaaS for SaaS

With the subscription software model becoming more and more adopted, for both personal and enterprise apps, it is high time that organizations started managing and optimizing their SaaS subscriptions. Lack of awareness on the complete SaaS stack used throughout the organization exposes the company to too many data security and compliance risks. A SaaS for SaaS platform that provides visibility on the SaaS expense and usage, with a real-time and accurate SaaS discovery, helps to optimize the cloud software spend. It also encourages the employees’ pursuit of innovation and productivity, while ensuring a safe and secure SaaS software usage.

How Viio SaaS management platform can help IT and Finance to achieve a balance between innovation and security, in a time- and cost-efficient manner? Find out in a personalized Viio demo!

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