is a company that automates every step of the social advertising. The company's solutions environment is completely SaaS-based, so employee collaboration can happen in ways that allow everyone, everywhere to be productive and feel included.

We are glad to welcome as one of our new customers! We talked to Andrew Hurley, the IT Solution Manager at, about his daily life as an IT Pro, the challenges and the benefits.

Saying no is definitely not Andrew's thing! Making everyone’s jobs easier is Andrew's absolute first priority. If a colleague needs something, he’ll find a solution.

“The biggest challenge for any IT person is to remain flexible. We’re usually the ones saying no to everything. But I try to meet people in the middle by finding out what they’re trying to do. Trying to stay positive to new ideas and finding the right solutions.”

Flexibility in general is a big focus for Andrew to obtain 🤸

"See, In the role as IT Solutions Manager you deal with a lot of short-term projects everyday - making it difficult to focus on long-term projects that bring more value and legitimate change."

Andrew envisions an IT Department at Smartly where the day-to-day jobs are automated to make room for long-term projects ⚙️. SaaS-wise that means being able to track tool usage.

“Smartly is completely SaaS. There’s gonna be tools that we don’t use enough and Viio helps us track that. We can help departments find the right apps and there’s a super savings potential by cutting down on little used apps.“

With Viio, IT solution managers can get instant, real-time reports on the company's SaaS tools usage and costs, so they can easily support their decisions on potential SaaS spend optimization. Request a demo now!

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